Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question? Check our FAQs below. We’ve compiled some common questions for your convenience.

Absolutely! MoMa uses industry-grade security functions, much like those used on banking apps and other similar programs. We adhere to all relevant security standards, with encryption and other elements to ensure your funds and private information are kept secure.

The first step in creating a budget is to get all your financial information – that is, savings, loans, super, direct debits and any other relevant accounts – into one space. That gives you an overview of your obligations and helps you start work on consolidating debt. MoMa makes this process very simple!

No! Saving money and cutting unnecessary spending is never a bad idea. MoMa helps you make smart financial decisions, with expert advice, friendly reminders and an easy-to-use interface. Whether you have a holiday to save for, debt to pay off or just want to learn the value of saving – MoMa can make it happen.

Here at MoMa we provide solutions, structure and most importantly support to all of our clients. We offer recommendations in areas of budgeting, goals, savings, expenditures, plus a host of other areas. We offer financial advice where we see fit. Get in Contact today with any questions you may have.

MoMa is focused on your future self, what you still have the ability to influence. Before you spend a single dollar, we will help you think through your priorities—straightaway, short-term, and long-term—and suggest allocating your money accordingly. We put you in the driver’s seat, what is the point of promising you that ‘you won’t need to worry about your finances’ or ‘you won’t even realise you’re saving’. There is no benefit in this as nothing will change for you. This journey is about you and your money. We want you to get back in control as best as you can. We will guide you the whole way.

MoMa allows you to sign up without adding any transaction account information whatsoever. You are able to use all other non-banking features as per normal. However, linking at least one of your accounts will maximise your financial journey with MoMa. Linking your account makes you budget smarter, we will be able to analyse your spending, see where you can save and remind you when bills are due.

Other services may enter you into some sort of insolvency arrangement which can be very risky for yourself in the long term. We here at MoMa would not make such strict promises, instead we have the capabilities to negotiate where we see most appropriate.

In short, yes absolutely. When you first sign up to MoMa you will receive a welcome customer care call. This call is intended to set structure for you in regards to monthly check ins. Ideally our customer care team would like to check in once a month if this was given all clear with you.

MoMa has a Free Service, yes. Don’t want to pay for the service? Start with MoMa Base. This is free to use and will introduce you to the principles of budgeting and saving, in a stress-free and easy-to-manage environment. From there, you can upgrade to MoMa Premium – giving you more control over your finances and a range of added features to help you better achieve your goals!

Yes, MoMa automatically categorise your bank transactions. Our smart Import Machine upload your transactions and categorise accordingly.

While using MoMa we have a tab called ‘submit a big’, here we encourage all clients to submit any issues they are finding with their account or the service in general. Here at MoMa we want to be the best we can be for you, so we encourage all responses.

We have taken many months to create the best service possible to cater for all types of individuals. We believe we have nailed it and know that we can work with you in creating a happier and healthier life together. We promise to look after you. Check it out and become a part of the MoMa family today!

MoMa displays your spending in each category (for example, spending on Petrol) along with your set benchmark associated with that category. These benchmarks are calculated specially for you as an individual based on your demographic. The MoMa budget is for three things. Setting goals (weekly monthly, yearly), watching the progress of these goals and maintaining a balanced cash flow image so that you can consistently have enough money to pay the bills, the debt and save for the future. We want to get you to the stage of spending money on what you want, beyond comfortably.

Budgeting apps have the ability to help you get control of your money. They allow you to track on the go, budget on the go, get in contact with a budget advisor on the go, etc. There is no need to wait, and in this day and age that is extremely important. People are able to check their accounts anywhere anytime but have the peace of knowing that all their data is private and secure. It’s a win, win.

1. Provides 100% control over all of your money – all your money is all in one place 2. Gives you the availability to budget and complete financial goals associated 3. Categorize transactions to better manage your money 4. Cuts needles spending all together 5. Simple / Safe and Hassle Free

Enjoy unrestricted access to our platform with additional insights and features, extra personalisation and flexibility and unlimited transaction refreshes.

MoMa has the highest security standards to keep your data safe. We partner with industry leading providers to provide not only a seamless service but also a secure one. Your banking details are never stored and instead encrypted.