Tips for students

As a university student, it’s important to learn the basics of budgeting. Whether you’re paying for your degree, a car, or getting ready to pay your first rent, creating a weekly budget can help you track progress and achieve milestones.


Tips for Businessmen

Just put up your dream business but not sure how to budget the costs? Look at all areas of your business and take into account the income and expenses. Consider where to cut costs and where to increase savings. Use the Budget Template Guide to start budgeting — big or small.


Challenges for Parents

Being a parent brings joy and happiness. However, it comes with a lot of financial responsibilities too. Saving funds for emergencies, housing payments, and family vacations — it’s all part of parenthood.

Set realistic goals with a manageable budget. And as your family grows, your budget should be able to adjust and adapt to your financial needs.


Budgeting as a Retiree

Retirement will most likely change your financial situation. This transition can happen at different stages of life and might vary for everyone. Prepare ahead of time by exploring the retirement options available for you. Planning for it in advance is your best bet in creating a financially stable and secure retirement.

Don’t let financial stress send you back to square one.

We have available budgeting tools suitable for your needs. Get budget-healthy with MoMa!