Stay up to Date and on Schedule!

Ever accidentally missed a payment and had your weekly budget plan thrown out because you had to pay an extra fee for default?

Payment alerts and reminders can eliminate those additional fees with smart MoMa Payment Alerts and Reminders.

MoMa app tells you everything you need to know when you need to know it. With our AI Tech and communication platform, you can always stay ahead with your finances.

Why are Payment Alerts and Reminders important?

Stay informed and up to date — never miss a bill again.

Account Balance warnings


Customer Satisfaction

All these for our client to never miss a payment again!

How do payment alerts and reminders work within MoMa?

We won’t let you get confused about incoming or outgoing payments. See it all in one place!

Plus, MoMa has its smart allocation tool. So, if we find something that we believe is important and something you would deem worthwhile not missing, with your permission, we can allocate these for you as reminders. MoMa can notify clients when they have recurring payments and ensure they have all of the warnings to ensure important payments are made. Notifications ping for you to see and save within the bell icon at the top right-hand corner. We also have our dashboard notifications that update whenever you open the app.

Avoiding late fees and paying down debt has never been easier.

Start your Financial Journey Today with MoMa.

Don’t let financial stress send you back to square one. We have available budgeting tools suitable for your needs. Get budget-healthy with MoMa!